Exploring the issues, solutions, perils and pitfalls of collaboration
and interoperability with colleagues and experts in the field.

The next CIC will be October 28-29 in Washington DC (near Dulles). Location to be announced.

The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress is...

...dedicated to fostering and improving collaboration and interoperability throughout the product lifecycle.

Manufacturing is a distributed business, usually involving global design teams and supply chains. World-class manufacturing cannot happen unless people work together effectively, collaborating from any location, and sharing product data safely, accurately and confidently.

Now in its eleventh year, CIC is the only vendor-neutral event in the world addressing collaboration and interoperability across diverse industries in product development, manufacturing and business communications. This makes it an essential forum to get an unbiased perspective to help guide product development, manufacturing and IT strategies in these mission-critical areas.

Conference organizers are pleased to announce that NAFEMS (the International Association of the Engineering Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Community) will hold their North American bi-annual conference at 3DCIC 2014. In addition, the PDES Board of Directors will again hold their annual meeting at CIC this year, and the 3DPDF Consortium will hold their annual meeting at 3DCIC.

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